Defter Sports - About Us

Our Story

We are a group of passionate football fans, technologists, designers and innovators

Every day, we would talk about football. Until one day, we realized that people are not enjoying the sport as they used to.
Because of that, we got disappointed and nostalgic, we started to ask ourselves how to bring back the joy of watching deft players.
We started asking: How are coaches, executives, parents and players crafting their future talent?

  1. In soccer, most decisions about the future of players are taken based on opinions. Technology can bring data for better decision-making processes.

  2. During the academy process, coaches, parents and players have a hard time communicating with one another. This can be solved through intuitive visualizations and easy-to-use video devices.

  3. Today only rich football clubs have access to data analytics services and devices, which are expensive and require dedicated resources. At Defter we are working to stop this from happening.

Because of that we decided to apply our knowledge to create a product that could help the development of better, smarter players.
Using our insights that communication and follow-up are key factors in that development, we decided to:
Unleash player potential through powerful feedback.

Our Team

Mauricio Varela

Mauricio Varela

CEO - Head of product

Helberth Delgado

Herby Delgado

Head of design

David Vives

David Vives


Luis Ramirez

Luis Ramírez

Software Development