Cantera by Defter Sports

Unleashing player potential through powerful feedback

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Cantera, the app to develop football's future superstars

Cantera Features:

  • Actionable team skill dashboards
  • Fast way to evaluate player performance
  • Easy to use app

Packages for clubs and academies:

Mutual understanding for a better development experience

Our mobile platform connects youth soccer coaches, players, parents and club directors:


Are able to evaluate team and individual player performance, enter game information (scores, goal scorers and line-ups) and follow the development of players through time.

Players and parents

Can follow and keep track of their games, share pictures and videos to make game days special. Players can give feedback to their coaches and learn what their strengths and weaknesses are so that they can get more control of their development.

Directors and scouts

Can keep track of player development with the insights delivered through our interactive dashboards and data visualizations.

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